1973 Moto Guzzi Eldorado For Sale.

If you don’t have my contact info already, please use the contact page if you are interested in purchasing the bike.

Engine rebuilt with V700 base gaskets, runs very strong with no pinging. Aftermarket nikasil-lined heads and matching pistons.

Transmission and rear drive rebuilt by Zydeco Racing.

Clutch from Moto Guzzi Classics and Mark Etheridge, the best clutch I’ve used on anything.

Carrier bearing was replaced with premium bearing and cardan rebuilt at that time.

Wheels converted to tubeless with angled stems for easy maintenance.

Old stock shocks or Works Performance which work well but could use preventative service.

Rear lights are set up with multiplexed relays as per my article here, front lights have similar setup for headlights and front spots, which at this time are just cheap WalMart specials. Rear turn signals are currently 4″ dual filament truck stop lights for optimal visibility.

H4 Autopal headlight. Also have old stock P-mount headlight in parts tubs.

Genuine Hella Bullseye turn signals.

It can be left as-modded or restored to various stock configurations.

I have both seats, two racks, both dual and single-gauge dashes.

The original generator is working and available, regulator still mounted and alternator is adapted to generator housing. The generator mounts were redone by a local machine shop and Time-serts were embedded in the number’s-matching block.

The original air cleaner housing is also available, as are many spare parts which could be used to build nearly any configuration. I have 3 storage tubs of NOS and used parts which can be included.

Also have refurbed DB bags, all holes filled and strengthened. Were for Tonti but will fit nicely, some of the Tonti mounts included.

Polizei fairing mounted, includes all original hardware from NOS kit purchased from Harper’s.

Also have Yamaha twin disc brake front fork with 19″ wheel and shims to mount in the Eldo fork. Includes a hacked chrome headlight shell that was cut to clear the brake line splitter.

She starts instantly and runs strong.

All the configurations in these photos are possible. $7500 for the one of your choice, $11,500 for all, including a trove of NOS parts in several tubs.