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Carl D. Krall does not have any social media accounts (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, etc). You can use the contact form provided here if you do not already have my current email address.


I’ve run trains for:

Conrail in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland: Was qualified on Conrail and Amtrak NORAC, CSX old rulebook, Baltimore Light Rail, SEPTA territory, two Amtrak lines (NEC and Harrisburg)

Pacific Harbor Line: Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles under Andrew Fox

New Mexico RailRunner: Ran passenger trains between Belen and Santa Fe, NM: 3.25% grade, 79 mph, push-pull, CTC and TWC/ABS, piloted Amtrak trains

Utah Iron near Comstock Utah: 4.5% grade with loaded iron ore and Dash-9’s; one of two engineers they’ve had who can run that branch without incident.

I am not currently certified.

I am not available for permanent positions.

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