Below are photos of my Boulevard tube amp featuring 12AX7/6V6GT/5Y3GT tubes. I am unable to locate a schematic or anything about the company history. My sample has a clean and clear sound signature, somewhat like a period guitar amp, very low listener fatigue compared to solid state amplifiers I’ve tried. It might be that it reflects the very first audio system I heard as a child, a Voice of Music 565, which also ran 6V6’s.

Since these photos were taken I have replaced the duplex paper cap and the wax caps, and bypassed the cans with Nichicons. The orange drops were already in place, but originally those spots were wax caps. Since mine was worked on prior to my owning it, it may have been modified in other ways and may not represent the original design.

If you have a schematic for a Boulevard 11T24S, or would like a larger copy of the photos for reference, please use the Contact Carl link above.

All photos can be viewed larger by clicking on them, or larger still by selecting the View with PicLens link and then clicking the full screen icon on the lower right of the pop-up.