Thank you to Pat Hayes for taking the time to send me photos and a description of a tang he made to get me started. His is far more finished than mine. Thank you also to co-worker George who did the sweet weld for me. The extension is painted black and would not show up well in photos, the unfinished metal is better for seeing the shape. Once painted it blends in well.

Moto Guzzi Loopframe kickstands are mounted far forward on the frame, with a short tang which is hard to reach with short legs and hard to see when deployed.

This extended tang makes it much easier to see and use. I have rarely left the stand down since adding the extension, and not for long when I do, because it shows up in my peripheral vision from a riding position. Before adding it…well, let me thank the kind and savvy young lady in Tucson who once saved my humble bacon my pointing to my deployed kickstand at a traffic light one fine afternoon.

The tang is made of mild-steel bar, the “pedal” was shaped in a vise, then the final shaping done on the bike to clear the footpeg and shifter because it is a surprisingly complex shape. It needs a rubber bumper to look finished, and a bit of bright paint on the tip would help.