Dear readers, as you a probably aware, it’s now perfectly acceptable in the USA for an AI vendor to plagiarise any published creative works for it’s own use and profit.

The large donators have spoken, and only other large corporations with legal teams,(e.g. Disney) are allowed to have enforced copyrighted works in the United States for now.

So please enjoy your artificially produced and enhanced content, since apparently all I was to those large corps-defecti was a content creator to be harvested from. More superhero movies forthcoming, parts 25 and up.

Meanwhile, my own humble contributions to humanity will cease to be at this point.

If you have any self-consideration and privacy concerns, cease using any Google products, including Chrome, Gmail, Drive, etc. And Microsoft products, which are now festooned with trackers and keyloggers as they emulate Alphabet’s and Meta’s business models. If you’re still using any Meta products or X, there’s no help for you now, keep dutifully pulling the plow for free.

For browsing, try Firefox or Seamonkey with the NoScript and uBlock Origin plugins to start, then feel free to add Privacy Badger, Decentraleyes, Disconnect etc.

If you think that Apple isn’t collecting all your data for a profitable reason, my best wishes and condolences to you.

MX Linux, a free download, will install on nearly any X86 computer, including older ones with 32 bit, and will run alongside the Windows you’re running now so you can try it out. Look into Frugal Mode, which works on about 8 GB.

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Carl Krall